Divorce And Remarriage

Dear Liberty – My question is regarding divorce and remarriage. I’m in my thirties and I’ve been married and divorced twice. I left my first husband because I was not in love with him. I married him because he convinced me that was what God wanted even though I didn’t feel that I was in love. After six years I expressed my feelings to my family and they suggested that I get out before there was children involved, so I divorced him. After that I’ve often felt guilty because I divorced without a “biblical reason.” I almost feel that I’m being punished because of that decision. All my other relationships have suffered because of the guilt and fear that’s in me. He is now remarried and has three children, so, I cannot be reconciled with him. The second marriage should have never taken place, and we both cheated on each other during our separation. Do I have to just forget about ever being married again because the Bible says I should remain unmarried? I’m having a very hard time with accepting that I can never remarry. It makes me angry with God and I’m bound in this fear of making another mistake. I don’t feel that I can have a normal relationship feeling this way. I don’t know what to do or how to feel…I just want to be FREE! 

Liberty’s Answer – You need to be praying the binding and loosing prayers for yourself so that you can get rid of any wrong feelings towards God. God knows what is best in every situation of our lives and we cannot resent Him for that. Do you have my second book Breaking the Power? If so, please start praying the prayers every day, especially the Page 30 prayer in that book, as well as any of the other prayers that you feel you can pray. There are several prayers in the book, including prayers about unmet needs and breaking soul ties.

Do I think that God would expect you to never get married again? It really does not matter what I think, except that I believe He would ask you to never marry again if He knew that would be the best thing for you. That is why we must leave things up to God. He is the only ONE who knows if a third marriage would be another disaster for you or if it would be a blessing for you. You don’t know and I don’t know. God is not going to condemn you if you do marry again, but you need to pray and find out where your greatest blessings would be in your future. Do they lie in a third marriage or or in a destiny fulfilled as a single person? Only God has that answer because He is the only one who knows the future.

As you begin to bind your mind to the mind of Christ and bind your emotions to the healing power of the Holy Spirit, then loosing all wrong ideas, wrong attitudes, and wrong patterns of thinking about what you want, God will begin to reveal the plans He has for your greatest blessing and fulfillment. These plans will not just be what you might think you should want–from a religious perspective. God’s destiny plans for you have always been unbelievably incredible, blessed, exciting, and rewarding to the max. You have unfortunately not yet tapped into them and you have known pain and grief and guilt instead. God never wanted that for you, but He has been waiting to start your healing and get you on track with the best. We will be praying for you. Liberty Savard

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