Effective Spiritual Warfare

Dear Liberty – Is it possible for demons to reside in the soul, if a man’s spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit?

Liberty’s Answer – No, I do not believe demons can “reside” in the soul of a Christian. Some Christians do believe a believer can be “demonized,” but I cannot find any specific reference to this in the Bible. I have spoken to many regarding such issues and they always say the New Testament is full of such references to Jesus Christ effecting demonic deliverances on Christians. Yet, not one of them has ever given me a specific Scripture to address this. They just repeat, “The New Testament is full of them.” These same Christians generally dispute my statement that neither Jesus Christ nor any of the disciples or apostles ever “did” a deliverance on a believer or held a deliverance meeting in a New Testament Church setting. When I have asked them to show me their proof that this was done, they again repeat, “The New Testament is full of such references.” I cannot find one such reference. I see the New Testament full of Jesus Christ preaching the Good News. He dealt with spirits that manifested in people brought before Him–not one of these people were Christians.

What is a Christian? As simply put as possible, a Christian is one who believes and confesses that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross to pay for his or her sins and purchase his or her forgiveness and salvation.

You have to be talking about Christians here, for a non-believer would not be filled with the Spirit of God. I do believe that a Christian’s unsurrendered soul can be so riddled with open doors of access (due to the mind, will, and emotions working together to bring about a rationalizing and justifying of disobedience to God’s Word) that this Christian can be severely harassed by demonic spirits. I explain  this “opening up of doors in the soul” concept in Shattering Your Strongholds with specific regard to Ephesians 4:26-27 AMP and further in Breaking the Power. The Christian who has multiple open doors in his or her soul (opened because of rationalizing and justifying why he or she believes it is not possible to obey a certain command of God, such as not letting the sun go down on anger, or forgiving everyone of everything all the time, etc.) can be demonically harassed and hammered to the point that it might seem that there were demons “within” his or her soul. But don’t fall into the trap of believing that the manifestations of bad attitudes and reactions out of a wounded and angry and frightened human soul of a Christian are manifestations of demons within that soul.

The answer is not in trying to effect deliverance from these harassing spirits, for that will only bring temporary relief if their mode of access to harass the believer’s soul remains open and available. This is one area where Christians often overlook the obvious. Satan does not just have one harassing spirit to send, one singular spirit that could be bound or rebuked or cast out and the problem of that person’s harassment is over. Satan has far more spirits to keep sending through open doors of access than any human being has time to deal with and still find any kind of life outside an ongoing spiritual survival mode. When Satan can get you in such a “spiritual survival mode,” he knows that you are effectively prevented from focusing on pursuing your destiny with God. You’re totally focused on him and the ensuing spiritual warfare. Hello? That is his Satan’s whole intent in harassing you: TO KEEP YOU FROM FOCUSING ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST AND THE FULFILLMENT OF YOUR DESTINY PURPOSES IN GOD!

To continue to war with Satan over spirits he is sending to harass you is like trying to mop up an overflowing toilet without ever turning off the water pouring into the toilet tank. The permanent answer lies in stopping the inflow of what you’re trying to deal with or clean up. Otherwise you are just continually mopping up the mess, never coming to a permanent solution. In the unsurrendered soul, a permanent solution occurs when you close the doors of demonic access brought about by your own stronghold thinking (also explained in Shattering Your Strongholds and Breaking the Power). This involves using the binding and loosing principles of prayer (as referenced in Matthew 16:19) to free yourself from this cycle. Bind your will to the will of God, bind your mind to the mind of Christ, bind yourself to the full truth of God’s Word. Loose (crush, smash, break into minute fragments) all hindrances and devices the enemy is trying to send against you, loose wrong patterns of thinking you have, loose wrong beliefs you have, loose the effects and influences of wrong agreements you have made with wrong teaching, and loose all of your soul’s stronghold thinking patterns. Do this every time the enemy launches another attack against you. You will see victory!

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