Facing Reality To Embrace Truth

This response is to a man who asked that his question not be posted. This man had left the ministry, pursued a worldly profession, and then rededicated his life to the Lord. Because of consequences from wrong choices while out of fellowship with God, this man had experienced great discouragement and felt completely disillusioned because God was not now seeming to be answering his prayers. He found himself struggling in his profession, deep in debt, distrusting God, and at his wit’s end, even contemplating suicide. He wrote a very poignant, confidential message asking for any reason to have hope at this point in his life. The following is Liberty’s response given to him.

Liberty: I have attempted to begin to answer some of your statements below. I will be very direct, but also in that directness, I will tell you that you have every reason to have hope and to lift up your head. I do not say that as an abstract rope to tie a knot in and hang onto, I say that with directions and steps and solutions to offer you. So, please, consider what I have to say. First of all, just as you indicated you believed I would say, your soul is greatly involved here. Your unsurrendered soul believes that it is doing what is best for you–all the while it is alienating you from God and others, blocking input from God, and heaping great discouragement, depression, and burden upon your existing unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues. Bad place for you to root down and sink slowly beneath the quicksand!

You say you just don’t trust God any more because He has not answered your prayers. How many times I remember saying that same thing myself in years past. I have been a Christian for 28 years and the first 13 years were awful. I tried to outsmart God, accused Him of being unfaithful to me, and constantly told Him all kinds of negative things. It is only by His pure love and grace and mercy that I wasn’t turned into “toast” in those early years of my very bumpy relationship with Him.

You can probably be very, very grateful that God has not answered a lot of your prayers if you were not willing to hear His answers to them. He withholds answers that will permit us to stay right in our ever-spiraling downward ruts. Usually those are the answers we want when we feel the most panicky and desperate. I believe that we often pray “great,” even highly religious, prayers that we feel are the only possible solution to our situations. Our souls stubbornly conclude that no other solution is possible–therefore, if God does not answer accordingly to our willful conclusion, our soul insists that God does not care and cannot be trusted! All the while, God knows that the answer the soul is seeking will only prolong the pain and put off the true solution. When God does not give what the soul wants, the soul rejects any other possible divine input. This is called a stand-off! No one ever successfully “stands off” God. Believe me, I know from experience.

You say you have not read my books, and only “perused” my web site. Obviously I feel this is the next step you need to take, but we’ll get to that later. Then you say something else that is very interesting: You say you think I will probably blame your soul for the feelings you are experiencing. You say that this won’t help you, because you need something concrete to get you out of your circumstances right now.

You do need help, but it is not deliverance from your circumstances–it is “deliverance” from your own unsurrendered soul’s control over your mind, will, and emotions. You cannot be “delivered” (in the most commonly used Christian understanding of that word) from yourself by any external means of help from others. You, yourself, have to cut (or “loose”) the cords of your soul’s bondage over your life. This is where the most power lies in using the keys of the Kingdom, binding and loosing, in principles of prayer (Matthew 16:19). You are quite educated, and you are obviously intelligent. This is good, but it can also complicate your grasp of how simple this use of the keys of binding and loosing principles applied to your own life can really be.

I have spent the last fifteen years of my ministry learning about the power of the unsurrendered soul, while personally living out hard and serious consequences of my own stubborn soul in order to understand God’s direction and revelation regarding this message. I have committed all that I have studied, learned, practiced, and seen the fruit of, into the three books that make up what I call the “Keys of the Kingdom Trilogy.” There is no practical way here for me to give you three pills and a “call me in the morning” directive. You need to read and then use those three books. In order to do that, you would need to invest in your own life by reading Shattering Your Strongholds, Breaking the Power, and Producing the Promise.

I do not need to convince you to do this for added income, because my book sales are doing very well around the world, thank you. So, if you choose to not get the books, my good life and destiny purposes won’t change a bit. Neither will yours, most likely. Why don’t I offer to give you the books? Because you need to be ready to invest in an answer that works. The only people I give books to are prisoners and third world mission efforts.

Why do I think you need to read the books? Because I have written nearly 600 pages about these principles (investing untold hours, untold nights of missed sleep, as well as untold other things)–pages filled with scriptural understanding, anecdotes, examples, Greek and Hebrew word studies, humor, “training wheel” prayers, and hope to convince people, and you, just how easy it is to use the keys of the Kingdom to unseat your unsurrendered soul from the throne of your life. To try to condense that down into something I have time to write to you here would be like trying to recreate the wheel–an inferior recreation of a fine wheel at that.

I’m not about to blame you personally for anything you are now experiencing, as you have been deceived by the long-entrenched delusions of control out of your own soul. But there is no reason to stay deceived. I will tell you, however, that God is the only one you can trust right now–and I do believe that my books will give you a means of understanding what God has been and is now trying to tell you through the words of Christ. Victory and success as a Christian will come only through surrender and obedience to God’s Word. Obedience and surrender to God are words that will immediately cause your unsurrendered soul to declare an ALL-OUT WAR against anything that will weaken its control over your life. You cannot trust what your own soul will be telling you about not trusting God. That would be like asking a compulsive liar if he was telling you the truth.

You say you would appreciate my giving you a reason to hope. I could quote Scriptures at you for twenty minutes about why you have a reason to hope. And I would hope that you know some of them already. If not, then you have neglected your Bible reading. If you try to read the Word and it doesn’t mean anything, then it means that your soul is working very hard to accomplish a shut down of that source of help and hope, too. It is all going to keep coming back down to the core of my message: the human soul is capable of doing anything that it feels will protect its status of running the human life experience. It is especially capable of building extremely dangerous patterns of thinking and wrong mind sets that will reinforce and protect what it has chosen to believe.

I assure you that your soul is going to now tell you that I have ulterior motives in trying to get you to buy and read these three books. So I ask you: What would such ulterior motives be? Look at my present ministry itinerary, past and present (there are several new booking dates that are not posted yet). I’m too busy to spend this much time just to try to get you to buy any books for an ulterior profit motive. I do, however, have an up-front spiritual motive: You are being soundly deceived by a wounded, angry, fearful, unsurrendered soul that is trying to stay in control of all you think and do. I hate that and I have devoted my life to exposing such to anyone who truly wants to be free.

You say you don’t care anymore, that you are completely disillusioned. You do care, or you wouldn’t have written to me!

Some of my most ardent supporters have been using these principles for years to continue to get free from all of the roots out of their pasts, to open up their unmet needs/unhealed hurts/unresolved issues to God’s healing power, and to stay free from the misinformation flooding the world today. A strong Christian can only continue to pray enthusiastically, actively, and intelligently with principles that strip away all personal delusion, comfort zones, the self-protection of denial, and all soulish confusion–to produce tangible and irrefutable fruit–when that Christian is convinced of the power of the Word behind those principles.

This is not a feel-good message. These principles take faith, persistence, and sometimes real work to press through to breakthrough. But at least you can know you are using something that works and going somewhere that is spiritually real and productive and permanent. This is a necessary thing to know and hang onto when your soul starts kicking up a lot pain and fear as it senses it is losing its grip on your life.

This is not a prosperity message, and these principles may require that you obey God and give up everything you have acquired to start over on a sure path to victory. No one presses into this message for purposes of a little relief or a little blessing. They press into it because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired! I promise this, however, it is a message that can help you cut out the junk messing up your decision-making ability. This is a message that will clear your prayer lines to God and get you into a place where you will hear His voice. The choice is yours.



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