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The Keys of the Kingdom Trilogy

The Books That Started It All!
“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” – Matthew 16:19 (NIV)

Shattering Your Strongholds II
Learn to shatter all your inner strongholds with this updated and expanded edition of the classic. This book is born out a personal desire to live the full life that is offered by our Lord. You do not have to live a life enslaved by the entanglements of Satan. There is freedom available for everyone. You can change your life. Walk in the freedom that Christ has destined for His own.

Breaking The Power II
Learn to destroy the power of the unsurrendered soul (unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues) and all its defenses (fear, doubt, and pain out) that keep you locked in the past. Unmet needs are birthed when something positive that should have happened in your life didn’t happen. Unhealed hurts are birthed when something that should not have happened in your life did happen. Unresolved issues are birthed out of the ensuing anger and confusion about why these things happened. This revised and updated edition contains new teachings and examples that will answer many questions from believers who feel they cannot overcome wrong behaviors and do not know how to receive God’s unconditional love.

Producing the Promise II
Discover the third level of revelation on the Keys of the Kingdom—Binding and Loosing—as used to surrender our souls. Binding or chaining up Satan is a chore reserved for the angel in Revelation 20. This revised and updated edition explains how you should use binding and loosing to set your own souls free from the half-truths and wrong patterns of thinking you’ve learned from your families, the church world, and the conventional wisdom of the world. It challenges the misunderstandings of some of the wrong road maps you may have been following in the church world. It lays out a clear definition of the path between the unsurrendered soul and the born-again spirit of man.

The Journey Continues

Beyond Shattered Strongholds II
The Keys of the Kingdom prayer principles in Matthew 16:19 give all born-again Christians power to free themselves from the bondages of traumatic memories, guilt, deceptions, soul ties, and strongholds. The next level is to step out of self and onto the world’s fields to produce fruit for the kingdom of God. This newly updated book guides you step-by-step to the world’s harvest fields to bear fruit for God’s kingdom and will help you to focus upon your eternal purpose upon earth.

The Unsurrendered Soul II
The Unsurrendered Soul Chart is explained in new graphic detail. Plus the Perfect Soul Model and a detailed breakdown of how it gets punched full of holes and damaged during your life. How to discern difference between evil spirits and unsurrendered soul manifestations. Overcoming discouragement and despair. Dr. Soul Care and his “X-Ray of Soul’s Distress.” How to overcome foolish facades and wrong behaviors. Who the strong man really is. Christians and suicide. Servant leaders and leadership. Working out the salvation (surrender) of our souls, and more!

Additional Teachings

GOD’S GPS for Your Soul II
This unique book gives God’s Positioning System for your soul. This powerful new volume, provides the readers with clear spiritual directions that, when faithfully followed, will keep them moving in the best of all possible directions and enable them to help others find the right path, too. Liberty’s intention in this book is to put the readers in touch with their spiritual GPS and bring them past four major areas of their lives that they need to be aware of as they continue their spiritual journey: The World’s Dead End or Highway to Heaven, Relationship Quicksand, Potholes of Soul Power and Soulish Prayers, and Sinkholes in Soulish and Spiritual Warfare.

GOD’S GPS for Your Soul II – Discussion/Companion Book
A study book with a dual purpose. It is not a Workbook or a Question and Answer book.I t does not require you to read GOD’S GPS for Your Soul II before you use it. It is a Group Discussion book of Special Topics, Jots, and Tiddles. It can also be used as a Personal Journal for an individual’s understanding and thoughts. It seeks to guide interested groups into times of serious discussion on the Keys of the Kingdom prayer principles and the best ways to practice them, or lead individuals of all ages into deeper thinking on various applications of those prayer principles.

The Keys To Understanding Series

Keys to Understanding Soulish Warfare Vs. Spiritual Warfare II
Most of the people in the world today have little understanding whether someone speaking a word they declare is from God really is from God or if that person is speaking and acting out of a born-again human spirit, the influence of demonic spirits, or their own human souls’ self-agendas. How can you really know the true source of another person’s words and behaviors? This book attempts to answer these actual questions and many more.

Keys to Understanding Relationships II
Relationships appear to be very important to God. Jesus Christ felt so strongly about them that He overthrew the religious rules of His day to seek relationship with people in every walk of life. The Cambridge Dictionary says that relationship between two people or groups of people is defined by the way they feel about and behave towards each other. This definition best describes the focus of this book.

Keys to Understanding Soul Ties, Soul Power, & Soulish Prayers II
Includes God’s Real Intention for your Soul
All born-again believers have a surrendered and regenerated human spirit in communion with the Spirit of God. This is one issue that is settled, and we can cling to it with certainty no matter what else seems to be happening in our lives! These same born-again believers can still struggle with trying to force their human souls (minds, wills, emotions) to surrender its file drawers of their worst memories, erroneous beliefs, half-truths, stubborn mindsets, bad attitudes, and carnal understanding of rights and fairness. Or, they may have no idea that these issues even still exist within their “hearts” (souls). The unsurrendered soul is a master of deception as to its true agendas and purposes.

Keys to Understanding Freedom Here & Now II
This book has come from using the principles of binding and loosing prayers (Matthew 16:19) to prayer counsel and life coach people from all over the world. So many e-mail me in desperation, citing their need and their feelings of hopelessness that they will ever be set free from mental, emotional, physical, sexual and financial bondages. It is a privilege to be able to encourage the discouraged, pray for the hurting, and answer the questions that help them go on with their quest to know God better. The work of the Spirit knows no boundaries and e-mail can put us in touch with someone on the other side of the world who needs encouragement, prayer, or an answer and then God’s Word goes forth to accomplish the purpose for which it exists.

Binding and Loosing Prayers

Binding and Loosing Prayer Manual
Three things need to happen in your thinking before you will ever try to change. You must first believe that you need to change, possibly even becoming disgusted with the way you are. Secondly, you must believe that there is something better than what you already have. Thirdly, you must believe that God has provided a way to help you move into that better walk. How you think influences how you feel which always influences how you will act. As you pray and apply the prayer Keys of binding and loosing to your own soul, you will accomplish the above three steps to positive change and victory.

Binding and Loosing for Beginners
So often new Christians or Christians unfamiliar with the Binding and Loosing Principles taught by Liberty Savard have become entangled in the backup documentation of this new revelation on an old teaching. This book strips away everything that could confuse and keep the newest Christian or a discouraged and disheartened believer from praying with the powerful, supernatural Keys of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19) to see incredible results.

Liberty’s Works of Fiction

The Old Brown Rocker
The Old Brown Rocker will take you back to your childhood memories of unanswered questions about life. Although this is a fictional book, it reveals to young and old alike how God can skillfully capture and comfort frightened, hurting hearts through His love. This book also teaches, through the story of Leah, that there is assurance in God’s Word that Christian families will all be back together again some day and that death is not the end for Christians.