Binding and Loosing for Beginners – PDF


  • PDF Edition
  • 185 pages

So often new Christians or Christians unfamiliar with the Binding and Loosing Principles taught by Liberty Savard have become entangled in the backup documentation of this new revelation on an old teaching.

Or, they become overwhelmed with Shattering Your Strongholds, Breaking the Power, Producing the Promise, The Unsurrendered Soul, and BEYOND Shattered Strongholds application of these Keys regarding dealing with doctrine, Greek, Hebrew, bad memories, unhealed hurts, unresolved issues, stronghold thinking, self-layers, wrong behaviors, emotions symptoms, bad attitudes, the power of agreement, soul power, wrong mind/body agreements, soul ties, soulish prayers, unforgiveness, a new look at spiritual warfare, and so much more until they don’t know where to start or what to do next!

This new “Little Fat Book” (there will be more in this series!) hopefully strips away everything that could confuse and keep the newest Christian or a discouraged and disheartened believer from praying with the powerful, supernatural Keys of the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19) to see incredible results. Get one for yourself for a basic check up and get some for your friends who have wondered why your life has been changing in such great ways!

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