Keys of the Kingdom – Part II


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Keys of the Kingdom – Part II

  • All believers have good works, good paths, and good lives already prearranged and set in place for them to do, to walk, and to live out. How do you get into them?
  • Your consistent use of the binding and loosing prayers helps you to cause what to be manifested here on Earth?
  • What are the cults, Eastern religions, and New Age groups all wanting to do with regard to the unsurrendered souls of men and women and young people (believers and non-believers alike)?
  • In the New Testament, the commandments of Christ do not have threats of punishment or curses attached to them like many had in the Old Testament. His commandments are like road signs leading to what right here on Earth?
  • What causes you to have to face and deal with consequences, sometimes over and over?
  • Why don’t we see any examples in the Bible of Jesus praying binding and loosing prayers?
  • Most Christians have a soulish idea of faith. Faith is actually what?
  • How should you pray the binding and loosing prayers for financial help, for peace, and for good health?

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