Keys to Understanding Freedom Here & Now II


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  • Coil-Bound Soft Cover

This book has come from using the principles of binding and loosing prayers (Matthew 16:19) to prayer counsel and life coach people from all over the world. So many e-mail me in desperation, citing their need and their feelings of hopelessness that they will ever be set free from mental, emotional, physical, sexual and financial bondages. It is a privilege to be able to encourage the discouraged, pray for the hurting, and answer the questions that help them go on with their quest to know God better. The work of the Spirit knows no boundaries and e-mail can put us in touch with someone on the other side of the world who needs encouragement, prayer, or an answer and then God’s Word goes forth to accomplish the purpose for which it exists.


  • Dedication
  • Using the Keys of the Kingdom
  • Freedom from Worry
  • Freedom from Stronghold Thinking
  • Freedom from Inner Turmoil
  • Freedom from Unforgiveness
  • Freedom from Depression
  • Freedom from Anger
  • Freedom Prayers for Others
  • Freedom from Soulish Backlash to Your Prayers
  • Freedom from Smoking
  • Freedom from Food Addiction
  • Things Are All Upside Down! (Does This Mean My Prayers Aren’t Working Anymore?)
  • So This is What Happens When the Walls Fall?
  • Epilogue