Unsurrendered Soul – Part I


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Unsurrendered Soul – Part I

  • When God wants you to do something your soul doesn’t want you to do, it will usually focus on what five things?
  • Why is it both difficult and ineffective to try to take authority over your unsurrendered soul and its issues?
  • Unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues can make you feel very needy, hard to get along with, and fully miserable when your soul does not get its way. What is the danger that they also present?
  • Your ability to trust, obey, and cooperate with God does not depend only on the amount of faith that you have. What else is involved?
  • Who do cults and other dangerous quasi-religious groups seek out most often for their groups?
  • Do you really know why God supports some stands of faith that we might make and not others?
  • What causes many to have identity crises as they start praying these prayers?

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