Soul Ties From Former Relationships

Dear Liberty – At the time that I got saved, I was sexually involved with someone I felt I was in love with and wanted to marry. Shortly after receiving Christ, God literally removed this person from my life. It took a long time for me to heal from this relationship. I understand that we cannot be together, but I care about him as a person and I just want to be a part of his life. It’s been a year since I last saw him and it’s so strange, because just when I think I’ll be able to forget about him, he’ll call, email, or write me. He’s confided in me many hurtful things he said he could never talk about with anyone else, giving me such a burden for him because I wanted him to be happy. Hearing from him brings back so much pain to the surface, pain I thought was gone. But he is so special to me, I cannot bear the pain of losing him again. What should I do?

Liberty’s Answer – You still have a soul tie to this person that needs to be broken. Anytime you enter into wrong agreements with someone that promise some sort of personal benefit for you, you are immediately vulnerable to forming a soul to that person. Fornication is definitely a wrong agreement that promises some sort of personal benefit to each person involved. Breaking off a relationship does not automatically sever the soul ties that we may have formed with that person. Our souls are not yet completely renewed and healed and they will try to hold on to things that we know God wants us to let go of. This is especially true when the soul has memories of another person that were at one time comforting and supportive.

You need to pray and bind your will to the will of God, bind your mind to the mind of Christ, and loose (cut, sever, break) any and all effects and influence of wrong agreements you have entered into and the resulting soul ties that were formed. You not only need to pray this with regard to this man, you need to pray it with regard to any other person you have ever entered into a wrong agreement with seeking mutual benefit, support, or satisfaction from in an ungodly manner. Christians even do this by getting other Christians to agree with them on prayers that have nothing to do with God’s will. You may need to pray this way more than once. Especially if he contacts you right after you pray and break soul ties with him. He may sense he has lost something that is comfortable to him.

That is what you are to him, something comfortable from his past that he knows he can turn to and pull on whenever he feels the need. I strongly urge you to immediately begin to pray and break all soul ties with him. Do not contact him. If he seeks contact with you, tell him that you are praying for his marriage, his family, and for him to know God in a deep manner. Tell him that you wish the best for him, but you don’t feel it is right to have personal conversations with him any longer.

Do not maintain this relationship even in your mind. God has much more for you, but He won’t give it to you if it has to complete with a memory that should be laid to rest as part of your past. When you allow your past to keep invading your present, you are compromising your future. These old memory will retreat into the archives of your mind when you stop tending and nurturing them in your mind and through this soul ties you have with him. I will be praying for you. Liberty

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