Soul Ties In Marriage

Dear Liberty – I’m wondering what it means to be co-dependent. My husband, has been gone for five months. He said he just didn’t want to be married to me anymore, and he has gone into a very worldly lifestyle. Last Sunday in church, my heart was aching at his pain. The devil is probably using shame to keep him away, don’t you think? I just don’t know what to think. I faithfully pray the binding and loosing prayers for him (training wheels and prayer for the backslidden and unsaved) and I wonder how much longer? I just keep on praying and don’t give up because I know his eternal life is in the balance between heaven and hell. I know the Lord hates divorce, so if I am going to be an imitator of Christ and love him with the love of the Lord, how can I ever give up on him? If you have any insights or encouragement or instruction for me, I will be glad to receive it. God bless you and thanks again.

Liberty’s Answer – First of all, you need to be praying these prayers every day for yourself. Especially the breaking soul power prayer (page 30 of Breaking the Power) and the breaking soul ties prayers in both Breaking the Power and Producing the Promise. You have soul ties with your husband that are forestalling any growth in either of you. Those soul ties are also responsible for your feeling so much pain. You need to sever them. Trust God to do what is necessary to position your husband to make the right decision. Keep committing him to God and let God deal with him. We will be praying with you. Liberty Savard

Dear Liberty – It does not seem right to pray to break bonds of any kind with my husband. I don’t know what I am supposed to be feeling and doing other than what I am. I am very grateful to you for your e-mails. God bless you for helping me understand His will for my husband and me.

Liberty’s Answer – I don’t think you know what soul ties are. Soul ties are the product of wrong agreements made between two souls that put the other person first and God second. A lot of pain can occur in one soul when the other soul no longer wants to play by the rules of that wrong agreement. Soul ties are not healthy and they allow one or both involved in the soul tie to manipulate the emotions of the other person. If you break soul ties, you are not giving up on your husband. You are just cutting yourself out of the loop of pain and manipulation of your feelings. That actually allows you to hear from God more clearly and to cause your husband to realize that he does not have that tie with you anymore and cannot use you through it. He may hear more clearly from God himself when he no longer has a soulish tie to you. You should read about soul power and soul ties in my book, Breaking the Power, which you said you had. Or you can read more in the Keys to Understanding Book: Soul Power, Soul Ties, and Soulish Prayers. This information will help you know more about how to pray yourself free of this and have a chance at a healthy relationship. We will pray with you. Liberty Savard

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