Soulish Prayers Are Dangerous

Dear Liberty – My daughter met a man she felt was the man God wanted her to marry. A friend of mine and I prayed, and after having visions about them marrying, we felt this was God’s will. My daughter and I prayed together with much fervency about this, especially after a prophetic word from a minister that seemed to confirm what we were praying about. We also heard preaching that said even if what you are believing to get from God looks impossible in the natural, don’t give up. The young man has now walked away from God and gone into many wrong choices, including marrying another woman. My daughter and I are devastated. I am certain he knew that my daughter was chosen of God for him, but he rebelled. Did I pray wrong?

Liberty’s Answer – I hope you have written to ask me this with an expectation of truth in my reply. You have indeed prayed wrong, and thereby helped your daughter to believe in something that appears to have had nothing to do with God. To be very blunt, you prayed soulish prayers with your friend and you prayed soulish prayers with your daughter. The best thing to have prayed was to bind your daughter to the will and purposes of God for her life. I think the next thing is for you to repent to God of trying (through your soulish prayers and your stand on what you thought was best) to get Him to do what you and your daughter wanted, and then ask Him to forgive you both. He will. It would also be a good thing to discuss this with your daughter and ask her to forgive you, as well. Then both of you should forgive this young man and bind him to God’s will and release him. Let God work out His plans for his life.

Because of the soulish prayers that have been prayed, I would encourage you to get both Breaking the Power and Producing the Promise and read the chapters and the prayers in them on Soul Power and on Breaking Soul Ties. Wrong agreements (especially in prayer) over things that never were God’s plans always cause soul ties to be formed between the people coming into the wrong agreements. You will know how to pray and how to help your daughter pray so that she is freed from emotional entanglements and expectations on this young man.

Because people were praying soulish prayers, rather than praying that God’s will would be done in each life, regardless of how He was going to shake out the details. I can see your heart’s love for your daughter, but your “heart” wants what you think would be best for your daughter. The heart, or the soul when left to its own devices (remember that “heart” is frequently translated from the Greek or Hebrew words for the soul: the mind, the will, and the emotions) rarely wants what God wants and knows is best for all the people involved in any situation. I hope you are not offended by the bluntness of my honesty. But you have a chance here to see a real miraculous work of God cleaning up the attempts of the enemy to capitalize on soulish prayers. Your “job” is to see that the effect and influences of those wrong agreements are broken by loosing them. In other words, pray this: “I loose all of the effects and influences of the wrong agreements that I have made, and any resulting soul ties that have been formed from them.” Remember that loosing in the Greek means smash, crush, shatter, tear up, and tear apart.

My ministry and my books are all about helping people to see the difference between their born-again spirits and their unsurrendered souls. Last night in our intercessors meeting, we prayed for you and your daughter. God is ready to put everything back on track with His will–not your will, not your daughter’s will–but His glorious and divine will! Rev. Liberty Savard


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