The following are just a small sample of the hundreds and hundreds of Testimonies that we have received over the years. Each day, around the world, people continue to discover, ‘The Keys of the Kingdom Trilogy,’  as well as all of our many other books.

“I am reading your book ‘Breaking the Power.’ I love your insights. I keep going back and reading sections over and over again. I started highlighting passages, and now I seem to have a whole book of highlights. I ordered some books from your web site and have been sending them out to others. Thank you so much for your ministry. So many need the clarity of the Scripture that you reveal. May God richly bless you with inspiration, health, and meet your every need.”  – Rev. Sid

“Many Christians are passive in their faith and think some magic wand is going to be waved in front of them to set them free. Most don’t get they have to work with God to be willing to let go of their toxic stuff. I used to wonder what the Word meant by, ‘work out your own salvation.’ Thank you for the information on how it is the renewing of our minds, the surrendering of our wills, and the submitting of our raggedy emotions to the Holy Spirit for healing. I do believe in curses and the demonic. I live in Africa and have seen the manifestations and they are pretty hectic! I very much like the way you explain and clarify how we must loose our wrong patterns of thinking which closes the doors for the enemy to torment us. God has shown me how many areas I was trying to control and not even aware of it.” – Annette

“I have read all of your books and have applied her teachings about the Keys of the Kingdom in prayer since 2005. They have made a huge difference in my life. These writings have transformed me from a king’s kid to a kingdom kid. Keep up the work.” – Steven

“I can’t tell you what a wonderful ride it has been reading ‘Shattering Your Strongholds.’ I have 25 years in the Military and I am praying about becoming an Army chaplain. I was in Kuwait for a year and I have realized that I have some triggers in my soul that have been creating some real emotional struggles in me. The wonderful discovery of your book has now put me on a path of binding my mind to Christ and loosing excuses. THANK YOU. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for paving the way.”

“The Keys of the Kingdom Prayers have become instrumental in my growth in Jesus and have given me the ability to let go of junk clogging my thinking. New thinking from God is filling my mind which is becoming clearer daily. I am a single woman, 52, who has struggled with wrong relationships with the wrong men for decades. I am finally on the right road and know that God really is enough. If God chooses me just for himself, I am happy. If He sends me a right relationship, I’ll be happy with that, too!” – Rebecca

“I thought you might like to hear that I have made some significant progress with the binding and loosing prayers. This afternoon an ex-boyfriend turned up asking for reconciliation. Before praying the Keys of the Kingdom prayers, I would have welcomed him back with open arms. But now I know he is not in God’s will for my life and I told him, ‘No, no thank you.'”

“I am not even a third of the way through the thirty days of praying the prayer about soul power in ‘Breaking the Power’ and already so much rubbish has been removed from my soul! I look forward to sending you some amazing testimonies. I will continue to pray for you.” – Katy (UK)

“I read your book ‘Shattering Your Strongholds’ few years ago, just before I was in a car accident. The impact of the accident caused aches and pains in my back and chest. I prayed the Keys of the Kingdom prayers three times and all the pains disappeared. Praise God for your powerful teaching. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful prayer message with the rest of us. God Bless you and your ministry. I love you.” – Carie (UK)

“I am reading your book, ‘Shattering Your Strongholds’ and it has affected me dramatically. I have been facing some financial issues and the Lord directed me in using the Binding and Loosing Keys of the Kingdom Prayer Principles and now, my 9-month financial drought is over! In our church we are coming into an awareness of these principles and how we can use them in our lives to do the will of our Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord.” – Pastor Thomas

“Thank you for all that you have allowed God to do in your life that is affecting millions of people. Your books and newsletters continue to set me and others free while moving us on into producing the fruit God wants us to. I will always remember that if I am not walking in love, it is because I have not made room for it to be in me. I will pray the prayers binding myself to the truth of God while loosing and smashing all that needs to go so I can receive and pour out, receive and pour out, and receive and pour out. I thank God for you every day.” –  Joy

“Thank you for your wonderful new web site! You have inspired me so much with the binding and loosing prayers and they have changed my life and continue to do so, day by day! I am so glad that you are part of my life to inspire me and so many others too.” – Pearl

“Thank you, Liberty. It is good knowing someone is in right agreement with me in prayer. I have been praying the Keys to the Kingdom prayers and have immersed myself in praise and prayer and studying the Bible. I appreciate your ministry and have learned quite a bit from your books; they really opened up my eyes and showed me how to pray with authority.” – David

“I just read your article along with comments about Unforgiveness. Thank you for being tenacious and true to what you believe and know to be the truth. Too many water down the Word to suit themselves, causing a lot of people to stay in the dark about what you just explained. We must read and discern the Word for ourselves, but the Truth will always be the Truth. Unforgiveness will be a stumbling block for a great many Christians, I am sad to say. Jesus said that on that day there will be many come to Him and say, ‘Lord, Lord but He will say, ‘I never knew you.” Who do Christians think those people are? I believe they are the people who thought they were Christians but somewhere along the way they fell for the trap of unforgiveness. God Bless you and your ministry it is very refreshing.” – Lola

“I am a Scottish woman in missionary work in China. I am so thrilled with what you have written. I have fully grasped the concepts of binding and loosing and use them to pray for my children and grandchildren in Germany. I am so grateful to you and the Lord for setting things up so that I would stumble onto your book, ‘Shattering Your Strongholds’ during my last vacation. I use this tool for all of my students here in China (I teach English). Thank you for bringing excitement and vision to a Scottish lady here in Asia. Thank you so much” – Valerie

“Thank you so much for your personal attention to my missing book order. I know you are so busy and to think you would take the time personally to make sure I got my order tells me a lot about you. Your books are the type of teachings that can be read over and over, and they need to be. There is so much meat in them that I think I choked a little on them the first time around. Keep up the great work. I plan on buying more of your audio teachings. I listen to them on my way to and from work.” – Al

“A friend gave me your book ‘Shattering Your Strongholds.’ IT IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. I want to give your book to everyone. I heard that you spoke at my church years ago, and I wish I could have seen you. You have straightened everything out in my mind and life and I want to do the same for everyone I know by giving them your books. You are the first person to ever make sense to me.” – Janie

“Your teachings have blessed us all and many of us, including our pastor, are currently undergoing heart and soul healing. Praise God for your insights and that you faithfully carried these words of healing to fulfillment. I have been praying these prayers daily for myself and my family. I have really noticed a settling and a depth of God coming forth in our home and in all my other relationships.”

“Similar to your story in ‘Shattering Your Strongholds,’ I have recently acquired a new job which has pushed on every wrong area within my soul. I have found myself completely overwhelmed, but determined to be free of any strongholds keeping me bound up. Your prayer strategies have helped me stay steady and not run away screaming. I do believe I am on my way to being healed. I can feel freedom coming around the corner! Thank you very much for helping us all to receive and believe in who our Father God created us to be.” – Leslie

“I cannot begin to tell you what your ministry has meant to me and those the Lord puts in my path that I am to minister to. When counseling or at speaking engagements, I find time and time again that it is your books that I use as powerful ammunition for those who are broken so they can come to a place of peace. The process of examining the motives of one’s heart is a slippery slope, and emotions are a powerful force. When they are not surrendered to Jesus, they can bring about great pain and unhealthy relationships.”

“I learned about your book on a mission trip to Lusaka, Zambia. Someone asked me if I had heard about or read ‘Shattering Your Strongholds.’ So I went out and purchased your book. I began teaching from it last year in Sunday school. God has used this book in the lives of so many people as we have ministered the Keys of the Kingdom prayers you have written about. We have been tremendously grateful to see the Holy Spirit reveal the stronghold areas in the lives of so many as we have watched ourselves and others yielding to the Holy Spirit’s power to set God’s people free. Thank you for continuing to persevere while the LORD was showing and teaching you new binding and loosing principles. Thank you for fearing GOD more than man’s reactions.” –  Sue

“I am an intercessor, but I came to the conclusion about two years ago that there had to be a better way of spiritual warfare than the principles I was following. Simply ‘binding’ the devil or chasing him away was a short-term solution. Then one day I was looking for something in a drawer, and I discovered a book that definitely did not belong to me! It was the Afrikaans translation of ‘Shattering Your Strongholds,’ a secondhand book with another person’s name written inside!! I stood in awe that God had ordered an angel to bring me this book. It contained the answers to all my questions. I studied the book, started praying the prayers in it, and strongholds started coming down before my eyes. Behavior patterns started changing everywhere. Thank you.” –  Juliana (South Africa)

“I have been praying the binding and loosing prayers to dissolve strongholds from my life for almost five years now. I do this in my dreams as well and I no longer have bad dreams. When a scary event occurs, I bind everything and myself to God’s will and it is quickly resolved. I find that so rewarding and fascinating. I always refer people to your books.” – Grace

“I just found you and your books!! I’ve been a Christian for seven years and I am now 39. I’m learning so much from you. I am a part of a ministry that teaches a lot of deliverance views. I’ve never understood why, if I’m delivered, why am I still hindered and harassed by ‘spirit’ stuff? I have just read ‘Shattering Your Strongholds,’ and I am seeing incredible victory with walking in freedom!”

“After praying for myself, I started praying the binding and loosing prayers over my husband. He got saved one year ago and I led him into the ministry I have been with. He immediately got frustrated with all of the deliverance practices. Finally he has begun to see and think about what you teach about the soul. Thank you for your ministry.”

“After reading the ‘Keys of the Kingdom Trilogy,’ so many things now make sense to me. I feel like I have been looking at life through dirty spectacles (though I have perfect eye sight). Now that I have read your books and practiced praying from them, it seems like someone has wiped the lenses of my specs clean and I can see clearly. I am much calmer now and do not explode like I would before. In the past, every incident in my life was a crisis. Now I am at peace and enjoying the peace of God!”

“I know I can never thank God enough for you. Do you know that you are so much appreciated here in Fiji? We have formed a prayer group and whatever we learn from your books, we practice in our group. One brother who has lived in a confrontational situation for the past fifteen years of his marriage said, ‘I feel like a huge load has gone off me.’ We gave him a copy of ‘Shattering Your Strongholds’ and then prayed for him again. God bless with loads of love and prayers.” – Selai (Fiji)

“A pastor from England just spent several days with us here in Texas. He told me about your teachings on the second day he was here. By the time he left, I had completed ‘Shattering Strongholds’ and immediately began praying the binding and loosing prayers for myself, my wife, and our two daughters. I also began praying those prayers over the people in my congregation at the beginning of each service. I can’t thank you enough for being obedient to God and faithful to the vocation He has given you. In your writings, I finally have encountered an explanation of sanctification and spiritual warfare that makes sense to me. I have just ordered ‘Breaking the Power’ and ‘Producing the Promise.’

“Thank you very much for your E-Newsletters. They are very important to me. I try to translate your book, ‘Shattering Strongholds’  and I understand most of it. I am from Germany and know your ministry from the God-Channel. Thank you very much.” – Barbara (Germany)

“Your books have changed my life. I have been crying out to God for the last 10 years. He has sent many helps to me and His Word has become my manual for living, but my mind still assaulted me. I devoured your books and began to bind and loose from the first page, praying for family, friends, and myself. I was startled that the answers began coming so quickly. I am now teaching a class now on your books. One person in our class was very disruptive and I prayed constantly for her, binding and loosing. Well, her testimony is that God is answering her binding and loosing prayers so fast she has not had time to absorb the impact. She is changing before my eyes. I am believing God like I have longed to believe all my Christian life.” – Pat